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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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a disturbing cell phone video capturing violence the driver who was tacked by a biker gang speaks exclusively to nbc bay area news. >> christie smith at san francisco general. this driver still has a long road to recovery? >> reporter: that's right. we spoke with alex king and he said he suffered a broken nose and broken leg in the attack as you can imagine. he felt like his life was in danger while all of this was happening and he said this has left him feeling vulnerable but the 35-year-old fro mow december ta says he's speaking out because he wants the people responsible caught and he doesn't want this to happen to anyone else. he's had one surgery and has a good fund me account set up. cell phone videos shows what happened on 101 as he was surrounded. he said he had just let a lift passenger off and he was heading south. he said he tried to go slowly
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around one of the riders who then got angry and hit his side mirror and broke, then the other rider he tried to wave them over because his car was damaged and they broke out his passenger window. >> these guys, they thought i was trying to hurt their friend or whatever. i don't know and so during the confrontation, they were hitting me and everything. they got me on the ground about three times. i tried to defend myself. >> reporter: he says at the end of all this one of those dirt bike riders actually ran over his leg. he's expected to have additional surgery at sf general and since he already had a preexisting back injury, he says he notice the dirt bikes did not have license plates on them. other people did stop to try and help him including an offduty firefighter. he says he was driving to earn
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money because he is a new dad. the chp is investigating and he say that witnesses are cooperating but so far no arrests. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. an amazing story of survival on the peninsula. res queue crews found a hiker after she went missing on thursday in the mountains on woodside. kntv bay area was the only news crew there. they pulled her to safety from a deep ravine off skyline boulevard. nbc bay area news joins us live where the woman is recovering. how is she doing tonight? >> reporter: well, terry, the good news is i'm told she's doing just fine. rescuers say the first thing she said to them was that she was thirsty and despite a few cuts and bruises she's just happy she was found. it's a flurry of anxious activity as search and rescue crews pull her from a deep
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ravine about 600 yards off a main road near woodside. they load the 56-year-old on to a gurney and whisk her away by ambulance. she was later flown to the hospital. >> she's doing good. >> reporter: her husband is relieved. >> this is phenomenal. it's best when you go beyond 24 hours, you start saying oh, my gosh, this may be a lot more serious. >> reporter: he says his wife went hiking thursday afternoon with their dog and that was the last time he saw the two. they were on vacation with their son and had been staying at a nearby airbnb. >> she wanted to go and look around and do some hiking and stuff like that. >> reporter: she was considered high risk because she suffers from early on set dementia and has type 2 diabetes. >> we weren't concerned about that but lack of food and water. that was huge. >> reporter: he says his wife became lost and disoriented. >> she only thought she was up here for a day. >> reporter: mike mckin any was
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one of the first volunteers that saw her. we heard her yell back and a couple seconds later we heard the dog bark very clearly so he did his job. she was sitting up, shivering, very dehydrated. she wanted water. so first thing we did was put our jackets over her. >> reporter: the whole time the dog never left his wife's side. >> his a big hero. she had him on the leash. he's just very loyal. he sensed trouble and stuck around. that was good. >> reporter: his wife might have hurt her foot but she expected to be okay. he says he will likely get her a tracking device so nothing like this ever happens again. reporting live from palo alto, nbc bay area news. >> that's a good idea. thank you so much. and now to a developing story we take you to the east coast here and a live look at the white house.
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this is where the secret service is now investigating the first known security breach there since donald trump took office. we have now learned that the alleged intruder is local. he's from the south bay. nbc bay area joining us live with the very latest on this. >> reporter: the suspect is from meal pittas this is the copy of the criminal complaint from u.s. district court it alleges that 26-year-old jonathan tranjust before midnight last night scaled a fence at the white house and closed to the wall of the mansion until he was detained. according to court documents, i am a friend of the president. i have an appointment and later said he had information to share about russian hackers. as a result of the security breach, the white house was placed on level orange, one of the highest security alerts. president trump was inside the white house during the incident
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and today congratulated the secret service. >> the secret service did a fantastic job. i appreciate it. secret service did a fantastic job. he was a troubled person. >> reporter: according to court documents, tranwas carrying two cans of mace and a letter to the president. he reportedly graduated from san jose state with a degree in electrical engineering. reporting live in milpetas, nbc bay area news. >> investigators this evening still trying to find the cause of a different kind of fire. it broke out about 7:00 this morning in a pathology department. this was the scene as firefighters quickly switched into their hazmat gear. firefighters say things got tense because water alone wasn't doing the job, not enough to battle the flames. >> when they made entry they did go in with charged hose lines
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and attempted to put the fire out and whatever was on fire reacted negatively to the water. they backed out and requested fire extinguishes which they then used to fully extinguish the firefighter. >> the firefighters credit the sprinkler system from keeping the fire from spreading. >> we are learning more now about a high school speed chase that played out in the south bay this morning. it stretched across three cities much the driver was speeding well over 100 miles an hour. the chase began in mount taken view into sunny valley on at the time expressway. the person inside that car was not badly injured. the driver then got into a fight with police and injured an officer before being arrested. the officer is expected to be okay. new at six. demonstrators protested outside the san francisco home of tech
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entrepreneur peter teal this afternoon. these are pictures tweeted out. the former san francisco supervisor a critic. teal who cofounded pay pal is now an adviser to the president. >> and we are continuing to follow a political bomb shell out of d.c. today where u.s. attorney was fired after refusing the justice's department request to resign. bhara tweeted this morning. i did not resign. moments ago i was fired. being the u.s. attorney in southern district new york will forever be my greatest honor of my professional life. the manhattan prosecutor was one of 46 u.s. attorneys who served under the obama administration and also who were asked to step down this week. in november, the president-elect trump then asked him to stay in the position during a meeting that happened at trump tower. bhara has a strong reputation for being an aggressive attorney for the u.s.
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some of the key cases including chasing down corruption and crime on wall street, prosecuting government officials and white collar officials, he also prosecuted the time square bomber in 2010. >> vice president mike pence spent the day in kentucky. the house gop passed a health care proposal earlier this week which didn't appease all conservatives, one of those critics, kentucky governor who says he's not impressed with the new plan. kentucky was one of many states negatively impacted by obamacare and things are about to change. >> obamacare has failed the people of kentucky, it's failed the people of america and obamacare must go. >> not everybody there was happy to see the vice president. hundreds of protesters lined the streets as his motorcade went by. they need a health care system that works for everyone and repealing the current plan is not the solution. >> still to come an apologize from at&t, the new problem that disrupted service just days
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after another bakiig hang up fo the wireless provider. >> providing perfect conditions for team usa's best. >> it was just last weekend we had snow falling around mt. hamilton just a gorgeous sunset view. temperatures tomorrow quickly climbing to the 70s with even more warmer weather coming ahead. an east bay high sool basebaltew
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baseball team paid tribute today with of a former member cut short. ryan ably died in october after suffering a life threatening brain injury during a fall. he just started college at the university of nevada reno. the team held a memorial service for him at the game and ryan's brother threw out the first pitch. >> he was very outgoing and generous, kind of larger than life personality and he definitely carry that had to the baseball team and definitely a big personality and everybody kind of really enjoyed his
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presence. >> ryan ably is still very much a part of the baseball team. his jersey hangs in the dugout during every game. >> at&t dealt with another major hang up today. customers phone calls were not connected because of hardware issues this morning. the company did not spesify how many customers were effected they do say the issues lasted only a brief period. customers faced a similar issue nearly three hours after they were unable to call 911 dispatchers from their cell phone. >> it's going to be very, very close. will it be enough? >> how about that, the center of ski racing world in squau valley this weekend and a lot of excitement as team usa's mikaela schiff rein wins the title. she's a california native. she turns 22 on monday and she's the heavy favorite to win gold at the winter olympics.
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you can watch that right here on nbc. >> you can see the sunshining on the slopes there. >> perfect weather. >> and still nice out there right now. we'll take you from the view from the bay area around heavenly we got high clouds and a gorgeous post sunset view. there you go. that's a good place to be. let's see what the temperatures like outside right there. 50 degrees cooling quickly tonight and tomorrow morning, perfect for skiing. look at the temperatures, 20s and 30s to start the day. those numbers like we saw today climbing through the mid-fift s mid-fifties. gorgeous sunday. the fog is being pushed inland. 55 in half moon bay, 59 in san francisco. wind speeds a little blustory out there. and around tiburon you can see the low clouds just to the south of the golden gate.
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hour-by-hour forecast takes you through the mid 70s with some high clouds at time. san jose 36. hazy skies. hard to believe we had hail, sleet, snow down to 2,000 feet. look like we're going to see temperatures climbing into the 40s and 50s. some patchy fog tomorrow morning and we've highlighted in red the time change here. sun rooiz will now be 7:25 in the morning as clocks move forward one hour. you lose the hour of sleep but you get some extra sunshine as temperatures will continue to rise all the way through monday and tuesday. sundays high around the south bay mostly in the mid-70s and 75 around walnut creek. a little bit cooler along the coast because we're going to be dealing with onshore northwesterly breezes. but in the north bay we'll see winds generally out of the north during the day.
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we should see high pressure strengthen. so you probably notice the high clouds which made for a nice sunset. that is the outer fringe of our storm track. a lot of rain out here but high pressures going to continue to send it to the pacific northwest. that's the story this weekend and at least through tuesday. then on wednesday, one system tries to break through to weaken the ridge a little bit, may try to toss a few showers as things look right now, moving into next weekend maybe early sunday, march 19th moving way out there beyond the seven-day forecast. this system may try to hold together a little bit better. into early next week, san francisco too should see a little less of a sea breeze monday into tuesday. that will allow downtown temperatures to climb a little bit more. briefly near 0i68 and we get some cooling mid-week but cooling down to 70 inland.
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we still need to dry out after all those storms. mostly dry seven to ten-day forecast ahead. >> down to 70 i like the sound of that. >> coming up next, crashing an interview. >> you can say that again. >> everyone is talking about this video here. they were not having a light conversation either. probably not the best time for the kids to bust in. you got to see the video. that's coming up - everything we stock at grocery outlet
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of aoin . take a look at this. speeding cars skidding off the road ending up on the roof of a house. on the roof! this is in china. driver of the suv says he accidently stepped on the gas instead of the brake. someone was inside that house. they weren't hurt. the person inside says he was
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startled when he heard a loud noise, came outside and he found a car on his roof. police had to help the driver out with a ladder. he wasn't hurt either. >> everybody also fine in this next story although possibly embarrassed. >> bbc interview is now one of the most popular videos on the internet. >> you can't make this up. it's not because of the interview itself but take a look at what happened in the background. >> the question is how do democracies respond to those scandals and what will it mean for the wider region. i think one of your children just walked in. >> i've got business to take care of here. >> the bbc says it's already been viewed 17 million times. desperate mom. >> there's mom. >> this is mortgagifying grabs the kids meanwhile he's still going with the interview look at the background here. this is her 4-year-old marion and their ninth mold the door's still open.
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here we go. she stayed lowed. >> if i'm low they won't see me. >> now the family usually skiepz from this room the kids likely thought the grandparents were on the computer that's why they busted in. they're pushing off the professor kelly is blaming grandma and grandpa. >> there's so many fun videos but when a natural moment like that happens it's just tv gold. i love the baby on the roller thing. that's just so cute. still to come everyone, here's the fins. >> a competitive game on the ice. can the sharks win for a second time this season. sports next.
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welcome back and welcome to sports. the sharks had an afternoon contest. that's rare. they hosted the national predators, san jose coming off their 40th win of the season. their last game against the best team in the league, they beat the washington capitols.
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momentum did not carry over into this one. >> no. they played maybe their best game of the season and everybody was super excited. they forgot nashville were coming in and they were hungry. they showed it on the ice. why? because they're fighting for their playoffs lives. >> we've got to get those same suits somehow. first period no score. sharks actually scored first in this one. paul martin there from the left point, his fourth goal of the season. >> always love to see him get wraerted for his hard work. he doesn't normally get to score. this guy does, hoe hanson. he took 15 face-offs today only lost one. the second period james neil with that goal, that's where nashville took over. >> the second period was where you saw the speed of the nashville predators create quite a bit. san jose could never recover, they end up losing 3-1. >> they're skating well. we were playing against a washington team that was skating well as well.
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we knew they were going to come flying. they're a desperate team at this time of year and they need every point. i think for us it was just took our foot off the gas a little bit and certain times of the game and they were able to capitalize. for us we learned a lesson here and we got to get right back to it tomorrow. >> the good news for the sharks they play again. it's a rare sunday night game. the sharks will be eager for redemption facing a dallas team only 15 games left. they'll see three more times before the regular seasons over. >> san jose's going to want to forget this one, why? because they lost. the last game was huge and it was against washington. it was a really yardstick game against the best team in the national hockey league. we can't forget there's a lot of good teams in this league. dallas is coming in tomorrow. they're going to be dangerous all the same. >> they were definitely hungry in this one because they are hunting for the post-season. the dallas stars not exactly in that same predicment.
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we'll have warriors highlights in our 11:00 sports cast later on tonight. more news right after this. it's not quite sainpatck's
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y. but th didn't stopeople from turni out for th166th it's not quite st. patrick's day but who cares. it didn't stop people from turning out for the 166 annual st. patrick's day in san francisco. one of the largest celebrations west of the mississippi. the crowd swarmed market street to enjoy the sights and sounds. >> this is the day where we
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reclaim back the streets we help to build. the theme of this year is passing on tradition and i think that's a particularly important one. >> about 100,000 people enjoyed that parade each year and great weather to do it in. >> last weekend might have been looked different. >> thanks everyone for joining us tonight. we'll see you right back here at 11:00. >> good night. tonight, "we investigate."ching an nbc bay area news special. keith daniels: eight minutes, that truck was burned to the frame. announcer: claims a device that cuts big rig pollution could spark a devastating fire. plus. evan mack: the school let me down immeasurably. announcer: he wanted a better life, but became a target of racism. we investigate a local student's fight against harassment that triggered a federal investigation. then. bob ingersoll: i would describe it as horror. announcer: we expose medical testing on primates that's
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happening here in northern california, and reveal records the federal government doesn't want you to see. but first. nathan fletcher: anyone willing to die for their country should have a country willing to give them citizenship. announcer: they served this country, but then broke the law. and because they're not citizens, hundreds of veterans once promised us citizenship have been deported by the very country they fought to protect. here's senior investigative reporter stephen stock. stephen stock: good evening, and thank you for joining us. for the next 30 minutes, "we investigate," telling stories about people, uncovering issues, and holding the powerful accountable. tonight, our special starts just across the us-mexican border, in tijuana, mexico. we went there to speak with deported us military veterans. a law dating back to president bill clinton allows the us government to deport any non-citizen who commits a crime, even a minor crime. this applies even if those people have served
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in the us military. and because of that, we discovered hundreds of us veterans deported by the very country they were willing to die for. stephen: when you walk out of tony romo's back porch overlooking the pacific, you might think you're looking at paradise. tony romo: as you can see, there's san diego. stephen: but in reality, it's paradise lost for tony romo, who feels trapped here. tony: it's just like prisoners of war, you know, all of us together. stephen: romo, a retired marine who led raids into iraq during the buildup to the gulf war, was deported by the very country he served, forced to live here after serving time in a us jail for selling drugs. tony: i miss the marine corps, i miss my country. my dad is over there, my daughter, my brothers. stephen: even so, romo's allegiance remains to the country he can see from his back porch,


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